Friday, January 22, 2010

Valuable Presence

I've been thinking lately about something I think we all underestimate. At least, most people I know do :P

At church last Sunday, there were at least five people who I looked for and when I found them I was glad. There's one person who I haven't seen the past couple weeks, and I've missed her. That's not too unusual, we all have friends we seek out, right? Right, but these people I'm talking about are ones who I almost never talk with. I see them, and I'm simply glad because they're there. Not because I'm glad they're at church, but because I'm glad to be around them. Even if we have no communication whatsoever. Most of these people I've talked with once, maybe twice.

Why is it important to me to see them? I don't know. Why do I smile when I see them? I don't know. But for some reason, some association I have with them is one that makes me happy, and I enjoy their presence. When they aren't there, I miss them. One of them I don't even know her name. I see her on campus but we never make eye contact, we're always a distance away from each other.

Yet just knowing that they're alive is important to me.

Now, I can't say that it's like this with everyone, but I have found that often times if I want to know what something means to other people, I just have to think about what it means for me. I've mentioned this to one friend, and after thinking about it she said that she can think of people who she doesn't really know, but who she's glad whenever she sees them.

So it stands to reason (loosely) that there are people who I don't know, don't talk with, who are glad to see me. Who for some reason, my presence is valuable to them.

I'd encourage myself, and any one who happens to read this, to not underestimate what you being somewhere might mean to another person. There are many, many people who probably think that they mean nothing to me, but in actuality my life would be much less bright if they weren't there.

And, btw, all of you who I talk to--you all light up my life a ton too. *hugs you all*