Friday, June 19, 2009

Short Update

Sorry I haven't been posting in here lately. I don't really have a post for y'all right now, but I do have something I've been doing the past few week.

The writing forum I'm on that all of you should have heard of by now, CleanPlace, (CP) is doing a vlog. Each week there's a new prompt, and then a group of vloggers respond to that in their own vlog that week. We each have assigned days, and the vlogs go up on CP's blog. But it's also fine to post them on our own. I've been one of the vloggers this round, (we do it in monthly sets) currently I've made three. Next week will be the last one.

So, here's the three I've done so far if you're interested,

Vlog 1
The prompt for this week was to film thirty things within ten feet of where you were videoing.

Vlog 2
This prompt was to interview someone significant in our lives.

Vlog 3
This time we were supposed to read an excerpt of our favorite story (or just one we liked) and film the introduction in a public place.

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