Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching Up

A lot has happened since I last posted an entry in here.

The two things foremost on my mind are things that have happened this past week or so.

Sassy, our cat, (who I supposedly love every inch—no, centimeter—of) disappeared for a week or two. She came back last Saturday with a hurt leg. I was overjoyed.

The whole time she'd been gone I'd been convinced she'd was dead. Sassy normally doesn't disappear for that long, so I feared the worst. I spent so much time when no one was around just sitting down and staring off into space, sometimes crying. My repeating thought was, “God, not my cat, not now. I can't do this. Not her.” ...So, as you can imagine, I was overjoyed to have her back. I love spending time with that cat, it helps that she tends to prefer me over the rest of the family. I feel bad about it when my lap is the only one she'll take, but it does make me feel pretty pleased. The fact that her leg was hurt didn't matter much. She was back!

We took Sassy to the vet on Monday. Her knee was badly hurt. Surgery would be costly, long recovery, and possibly not work anyways. We chose removal of her leg.

The operation went well, Sassy just came back today. She looks kind of odd, since they shaved a whole section of fur off her backside. Still.. she looks different, but she acts herself.

The other thing happened on Monday. Many of you know about the writing forum I'm on, CleanPlace. It's for christian teens to learn more about writing in a safe environment. Full of amazing people.

I've met several of them before, and not once have I been disappointed. In the past year or two I haven't really made any new friends there, I've simply kept the ones I made in the first year I was on. (2006)

I've made just about one new friend, a Cper that joined last August, I think. “Anywhere” is her online name, and the one I call her by. Over the months she and I have become good friends, and it's been exciting to form a new friendship online. It had been awhile.

Well, things worked out, and she came down this Monday to stay with the Burklins until mid April.

Anywhere got here about 2:30 in the afternoon. I was at the Burklins' at this point in time, so Mercy and I hurried out the door. Through the excitement of her getting here, and everybody shouting out to let people know in the back of the house, I was under the impression Flynn was a good ways behind us, coming out the other door. I was wrong. Instinctively, I closed the door. Right in front of him. :oops: It wasn't crucial though, since we all kind of stopped walking forward once Anywhere ran up and hugged Mercy. And didn't let go. :P She hugged all of us in turn, all for a good while. (Had to make up for all of those chat hugs that didn't really count)

All of us where excited, giggling, Mercy and I were chattering, Anywhere was simply trying to let it sink in that she was with us. We had some tea in hopes of calming all of us down, it kind of worked... but I think more of it got spilled than drunk, we were laughing so much.

Having her here has been amazing. It's so neat to hear things she says so often in chat, but suddenly understand how she says them, what facial expression, tone of voice, and when she laughs right after it. I love the random hugs she's always giving, and just having her there, knowing that there's pretty much nothing I could do that she would have a problem with.

Last night, I ate supper over there, then all of us who are a part of CP, (CleanPlace) (That's Flynn, Mary, Mercy, Anywhere, and I) went on a walk on campus. We ended up at Speer Chapel so Mary could play the piano some.

I found myself a perch on the wall on the balcony. Scared a few of them when I first sat up there, my feet hanging down with about 15 feet of air between me and the ground. But I liked it up there, and sat there listening to Mary playing the piano, thinking and praying. Something recently came to my attention that caused a lot of hurt in one of my friends a while ago, and she's only lately been recovering from that. So I was basically asking God why he let it happen, and if any good had come of it. He pointed out several things, and reminded me that he cares about our character, and what's six months to him when it creates the change he wants?

That was immensely good. I'm still not exactly happy about the event, but I'm will to say “Okay, Lord, you do know how to turn things for good.”

Anywhere described my pose as poetical, and said I pulled it off really well, with the vaulted ceiling, my draping cloak, my flowing hair...all of that helped. I was mostly just aware of how much I loved it up there. For those of you who don't already know, I love perches. I spots, so long as I know I'm secure in those spots. If I'm slightly off-balance, I'll move.

Anyways, that's about all I have to say, since I don't think I'll go into the details of Anywhere's visit simply because most of you don't know her at all and would probably wonder what in the world I was babbling about.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Ordinary Day

This is a post I've been thinking about for a while, and have had mostly written for several weeks. It seems presentable, so I'm going to go ahead and post it.

I was once talking with a friend about a song titled “How to Save a Life.” The song is actually more about the regret of not being able to say just the right thing and magically save somebody. Anyways, to the point. My friend commented on the fact that it would be neat to have God use you to the extent of impacting somebody in such a way that it saved their life. Spiritual life, that is. And no, that was not the phrasing used, just the general idea that I remember.

It occurred to me then that this friend had impacted my life in such a way that God used it to help me turn to him, when I was ready to give up and walk away. I hadn't told her that until the day we had this conversation. It had been several months, at least, since God had used her in that way. Yet I hadn't said thanks...

“Ordinary Day” by ZOEgirl. Talks about God being in the crazy, difficult ordinary days. There's a line that says something about seeing a stranger, and how he must be an angel because he smiled when he walked by. The implication is that this stranger made the hectic day just a little better.

I don't thank my friends often enough. For being there, for laughing with me, for loving me. And on the occasion that God greatly uses a friend to teach me something, too often I forget to go to them and say that what they said that day changed me.

God has continually used my friends to stretch me, to show me things, and to remind me of His love. Every change in me I can point and say it was triggered by a friend.

So, for that, thank you. You are all awesome, and I love you.