Thursday, January 15, 2009


The beginning of this year has been a little different. Normally I spend weeks immersed in the year before, thinking about it, measuring it, deciding what exactly happened... This time, I only did that a little bit. Mostly, I've been in the here and now, and processing last year bit by bit, as time allows and in smaller chunks.

2008 wasn't a really memorable year. Nothing big happened. Or rather, lots of things happened, each alone is important, but looking back they all blend together. World Mandate, Spring Break, May, June, Hong Kong, dropping ballet, Lissi visiting, NaNo, Sam visiting, my siblings coming for Christmas break.... To name a few. There's more, but they're personal and pretain to other people as well, so I won't mention them.

Each of those things has shaped me, and I've changed. Mostly just in the past few months. The visits I mentioned really shook my life here at home, and changed a lot of things in me. Just in the beginning of this year, I've noticed that some things which would have caused worry, or some other reaction from me, didn't phase me at all.

Best thing I learned this year? Love-- in giving it, receiving it, specificaly in relation to God, my Savior.

And this time, I looking forward to 2009 eagerly. Very eagerly. God's already been moving this year in powerful ways, and I've started sowing for a deeper relationship with Him.

I can't be close to God if I don't sow the seeds for it. We'll reap what we sow, and if all I'm sowing is letting other things take up my time instead of prayer and his word, then I'm not going to reap a close relationship, I'm going to reap emptiness. So I've started sowing. One of the biggest ways has been that I'm getting up each morning to pray and read the bible. That's been going well, and I'm already seeing fruits.

God is awesome, what else can I say? I love him.

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Stephanie said...

I love the depth of you! :) I love your thoughts too. I wrote you a note at church. I've been praying for you. May God sow amazing things into you this year, Beautiful!