Thursday, November 20, 2008

Write Or DIE!


Now for another 3,000 today....

Btw, Write Or Die is an amazing little gadget thing that works just about as well as word wars (getting a friend, both writing for five minutes, and then seeing who wrote the most) except it gives you the choice of either a certain amount of time, or a word count. (I normally go for 200 words, but this time I went for 1000)

The way it helps you write is that it starts getting red when you haven't written in a couple seconds, and then it starts doing something negative (Your choice: window telling you to write, annoying noise, or starts unwriting what you wrote)

So, this has become my new writing friend. It keeps me focused, which is honestly quite the feat when I'm on the computer.

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Bekah said...

Come on Mary! You need to write somthing!