Friday, September 26, 2008

Pet Topic / "Teenage Bones"

Remember my post, "A Thousand Options", from mid-May? Well, even if you don't, that's OK. I mentioned that "I could write about a topic that keeps appearing here and there that I don't think I've written about on this blog. Odd, I haven't? Hmm... Maybe I'll have to fix that because it's a pet topic of mine."

A pet topic of mine...Very true. Something I've considered writing about here many times. But the more I think about it, and the more I try, the more I decide that no, I'm not going to. At least not now. Why? Because I want to do the topic justice, and I currently don't feel I can. Not in writing, that is.

Thought you were finally gonna hear about it? Well, sorry. If you ever wanna ask me in person what my "pet topic" is, feel free. ;)

On to other things:

Don't you just love breaking the norms?

There's this park day thing going on every friday afternoon. It's where some homeschooling moms and kids get together to (respectively) talk and play. I went last week, and there was one other teenager with two friends of hers. ...Actually, that's a lie. There were a couple other teenagers, but young ones (like my 13 year old sister) that played with the kids. ...Anyways, I knew that this time there may or may not be anybody there. Then I found out that my siblings weren't going, (Camila wasn't done with school, Daniel didn't want to) so if I went, Mom would drop me off and leave.

Notice something about that? ...What teenager specifically asks her mom to take her to the park where a ton of kids are playing and the only person to hang out with would be somebody who she's only seen a couple times? Well, evidentially this one does.

So, despite the fact that every "teenage" bone in my body was saying I'm a fool, I went. :P With the reassurance that if nobody was there to hang out with I'd just go back home with Mom. But what kind of choice did I have? I could either stay home and be harassed by my siblings, or go and be potentially bored...Hmm.... easy choice for me.

Well, I went, and then went straight into the normal teenager habit which satisfied those screaming bones; I walked away from all the "homeschool mamas" with my friend and sat talking with her for the next two hours. She did bring games, but hey, why play with those when you can talk? ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Poem

I've been trying to write a poem that fit three different requirements... I finally gave up, and wrote a poem without heeding the three things, and in the end I had met them. I'll refrain from saying anymore about the poem. (they should speak for themselves, shouldn't they?)


Sitting down to write,
I find I cannot
for something clouds my thoughts.
What it is I’m not
sure but in it is a wish
that I had done different.

The day washes up and I
find it is empty.
Wasted away by reading
and avoiding things.
My afternoon is gone and
night comes softly with regret.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


During hurricane Ike a tree fell from our yard, into the neighbor's yard. Luckily no damage was done to their house. We had some people chop it up, but had them leave it there. Dad figured it would be better for us to haul it to the curb where the city would pick it up than for him to pay them to do that. He gave us kids the choice, though, of either doing it as a chore on Saturday morning, or doing other chores in the morning and doing that in the afternoon for a little bit of money. Dad gave us that last option because he would have payed much more to pay the tree people to do it.

So, naturally, all of us kids jumped on the chance to earn some money. I didn't jump quite as much, but I figured, "what could it hurt? It's not like I have anything else to do today."

So we worked from 1 until 4:50 on that tree. By the end, I decided he had to have a name, and I thought maybe it should go along with the hurricane that moved him. But not the same... So I was working off of "Ike" and thought; "Silk" then I thought, "but he pokes me a lot" (*glances at scrapes on arms* he really did) So then I thought "Pike! It's perfect; Poke, Ike, put them together... and besides, pikes are pokey!" I was thinking of the weapon pike, btw.

After that, I decided to call the tree Pike. When I mentioned that to Daniel and Camila, they didn't like the idea that I had come up with the name. They went back and forth with other names, then Camila suddenly realized how fitting Pike was, and got excited. With that done, we were nearly done working anyways.

We made seven piles of Pike, and still have a bunch of log pieces left, but we'll deal with those another day. (Piles... that goes with the Poke, Ike, and Pike thing! =D )

As I'm sitting here listening to my family in the kitchen, my right forearm is stinging slightly, due to when my arm got trapped under a heavy log when I put it on the pile, and my shoulders and neck are hurting from the lifting and moving and stuff. I attempted to do as much with my legs as I could, but sometimes that didn't work. So now I ask myself, "Was it worth it?"


I'm tired, and it was more work than I'd consider worth the money...(I can always babysit and get the money much easier) but the money wasn't my main concern. First, it needed to get done. Second, working outside and doing hard work, it's satisfying. I knew those when I started, so according to my original thoughts it was worth it.

But that's not why I say it was worth it. What made the whole thing worthwhile was that all three of us kids worked, and didn't fight. Some complaining did start happening, but that wasn't too bad. I was just so thankful to God that it went well. Normally during work times there's arguments and people not wanting to work, but this time that didn't happen.

That's why I say it was worth it, for the time of agreement with my siblings.