Thursday, June 19, 2008

To Do List

-Go to dance
-Review clothes and make sure I have all the shirts I need
-Say goodbye to multiple friends
-Try to get Mom to let me go to the Arts View Theatre's Jungle Book performance, preferably on Saturday.
-Get shoes.
-Buy a few leftover items, like body powder. (It's humid there)
-Make sure my AC Adapter for my MP3 player works. I'd hate to run out of batteries while gone!
-Get my flight times to the people I'm staying with in El Paso before I leave for Hong Kong. (Don't want to never make it out of the airport...)

That's it! I'm surprised at how small it is now...It's no longer daunting, how amazing. (there's only ten things on there) I know I never made one when it was daunting, but there were definitely a lot more things on it at the beginning of the week.

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