Saturday, June 21, 2008


The suitcase sits there,
staring at me.
I sit across from the suitcase,
staring at it.

Less then a day now,
my mind tells me.
In a year from now,
my heart says.

Could I be leaving tomorrow?
Next month, maybe even next year,
but not tomorrow.

Yet here I am,
And waiting for something,
for it to be time.

Time to board the plane,
to fly.
Time to go to another country,
to be gone.

Yet I’m still here,
All that stuff?

I'll fly across the ocean,
but later.
I’ll see old friends and make new,

Be in a foreign country and homesick?
Live day by day with unknowns and new things?

Surely it will all happen,
but just later.
It can’t happen now,
surely it can’t.

My mind can’t comprehend it--
The time must be later.
I don’t know when,
but not now.

Now would be just fine,
but it can’t be.
All I know is that
it’s later.

But later will soon sneak up on me.
Soon I’ll realize--
Later is tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Yay Mary, you're going!!!