Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Garage Sale and a Sunburn

Okay, so the garage sale hasn't happened yet, but the sunburn sure has! While in Oklahoma we went to a water park (I'd never been to one before...) and because it was such a cloudy day at first I neglected to put sunscreen on. Peter did as well. As I'm sure you can guess, it got sunny later on, and I got sunburned. Probably about an hour before we left, Mom said I was "pink" and that I should go put sunscreen on. I did, and I'm sure it helped. But I'm sunburned practically everywhere. My neck got away without any sun, and my face partially did. My shoulders did not, and neither did my back.

I discovered today that my left shoulder has formed some blisters on the sunburn. Ouch. I haven't been sunburned this badly before, and I don't think I'll forget sunscreen again this summer. Hopefully not next summer either.

Yesterday I spent most of the day helping Mom sort through garage sale stuff. A lot of people gave us leftovers from their garage sales, and we're so thankful to have pre-priced things! Since we have so much stuff, we took all the things we weren't sure would sell and sent them to Goodwill. Along with some things that Goodwill wouldn't be able to sell, which went into the trash. Even with all of our sorting, there's still a lot. We tackled one of our storing spots, and have a van-full of nice stuff. Now for the other two places. . . This garage sale is to raise money for my trip to Hong Kong. I already have around $1000 from donations, and we normally get at least $1000 from our garage sales. Prayer that it would go well would be appreciated. (I'll need around 33 hundred dollars for this trip)

Another noteworthy thing about yesterday is that we went to go watch Prince Caspian. I really enjoyed it. There were multiple deviations from the book, but it was still a good film.


Stephanie said...

I got a bad sunburn yesterday too! :( Although it wasn't as bad as the burn I got a month ago that took well over a week to heal without pain. I feel for you. Hopefully you learn after one hard lesson. It takes me a few hard lessons before I get it. :)

Jesse[just keep smiling =] said...

ouch! sounds like your burn was pretty bad! sry that happened! =/ glad you got to go to a water park though! =] and I saw Prince Caspian too...I thought it was good but, I do agree...they did stray from the book some. But it was still worth watching! =]