Friday, October 26, 2007


I'm surrounded by sewing. Constantly thinking of it, talking about it, doing it, dreaming about it... And all by my own choice! I'm making a Jedi costume for two, actually three, reasons. First is for next Wednesday, Peter and I will be taking Daniel and Camila to the LeTu halloween thingy. Second is for my nephew's, Conlan's, birthday party with is a costume party. Third is because I like the outfit and know I'll have fun with it in the future. =P And to add to that, I love sewing, which is motivation enough in itself almost.

The costume is a light tan tunic with a broad belt, a dark grey cloak, (which I have dubbed a "Jedi Traveling Cloak" because it's not like the cloaks I normally make) probably pants and boots, and of course, a light-saber.

So I started on Wednesday. At this current point in time I have the cloak and tunic both mostly put together. With the cloak, I need to hem it, (oh, what fun! I'm putting that off because I don't like the complications involved) do the hood, and put on the neck band thing. With tunic, I need to make the belt, (which I'm stalling on because I'm a little confused) maybe add velcro, and maybe do this different hem thing.

Daniel and Camila are both going as Darth Vader! So Mom's been making them each a cloak for that, then they'll wear black, long-sleeved shirts, black pants, and gloves. On the front of the shirts we'll attach some black plastic things with "lights" glued on to mimic his chest piece. Mom's having fun doing that, but I think we may get Camila to do some of her cloak. Daniel got excited this morning and worked on his chest piece, he did a good job. =) I was so relieved that he woke up in a good mood this morning because I've been watching them since about 10am and will probably keep watching them until around 1. Mom is at the ladies' bible study and then she'll go shopping. It's no fun watching a "holy terror", but a little boy that's being really sweet? Now that I enjoy.

I think I am going to take a well-earned break from sewing and read the Return of the King and watch some of Star Wars Episode IV that my siblings are watching.


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Jesse said...

hey mary! how did the costumes turn out? and how was the camping trip last weekend? love you and hope to see you really really soon! =)