Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Written October 24, A.D. 2007

Driven down bitter roads,
I wish no longer for quiet.
Only for peace in my heart,
For calm inside it.

I know well that yell.
It means Daniel's upset,
And Mom is holding him--
Oh how that noise I regret.

Things they* seem to get over quickly
Fester and kill inside of me
Leaving me hurt for days
Keeping me from who I want to be

"If I raise my hands just to lift the shade,
Will I reveal a sky heavy and gray?
Will last night be a memory sweetly fading?
How I hate a morning starting out this way."**

On this lonely rigid morning,
I can feel the cold descending,
I can feel that weight pressing.
But I'm turning... turning...

Oh Lord of Heaven and of Earth,
A thousand times I fail,
And I don't feel of any worth,
But I know You will avail.

So here I am,
Crying out to You,
Have Your way with me.
I don't care what You do.

You know all my thoughts,
Every worry and each strife,
But they're not important anymore.
All I want is Your life.

Your Peace overflowing--
It makes me want to live.
Your Joy and Hope--
They make me want to give.

So whether a cold wind blows,
Or the sun warmly chooses to shine,
With You through it all,
I know everything will be just fine.


*My two younger siblings.
**Beginning of "Hands in the Air" by The Waiting.

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Cassie said...

Mary, I know its a little late, but I just wanted to say that I really love this really seems to capture your heart about your struggles, in a very good way. Its a blessing to hear it!