Sunday, October 28, 2007

God is good.

Yes, that’s been said a lot, but I think it’s worth repeating. God is good.

He came down to earth. He gave up His inconceivable world for our little world.
He loved us, and we rejected Him. We hurt Him, betrayed Him, beat Him, killed Him. Yet He still loved, and He still didn’t turn in anger on us. He didn’t have to save us…

I can’t help but think how truly amazing He is.

The sun during the day, sometimes I stare in wonder at it. The blinding light, it holds something in my heart. The stars at night, aren’t they amazing? They’re God’s handiwork, yet He considers humans to be His most amazing work of all. Holding a small child in my arms, I feel that it’s true that God’s greatest creation is humans, but it humbles me to think of that.

Tell me, who is better than God? Who can compare?

He rescues us from our sin, and He gives us second chance upon second chance. He shows us mercy by forgiving our sins, and He shows us grace by giving us more than we deserve. Yet through it all, He is just, righteous, and awesome.

God is good.

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Jesse said...

you are so right! God is totally AWESOME! I will not ague with that! :D