Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Starting Fresh", Babysitting, Tuna Fish...

I decided a few days ago to start this blog up again, and see about maybe doing it a little differently. So I finally got around to it today and went and got rid of the previous posts, excluding the first, so I could "start fresh".

While I babysat this morning the 8-month old I had started crying, which caused the two-year old (Lillyann is her name, though I don't know about the spelling) to get upset and want me to hold her. For the rest of the time, which was half an hour, she was wanting to be with me and me to hold her... which was a little trouble because Faith (5) and Noah (7 or 8, not sure) both wanted to play with her but she only wanted to be with me. =)

Tuna fish! We finally got some more, so upon returning from babysitting I got to have a tuna and egg salad sandwhich for lunch... that was nice, we've been out for a while now, and both Peter and I have been wanting them. So I ate to the sound of Daniel on the computer, playing this flight-simulator game. He's been enjoying having computer time again, after not having any yesterday.

Well, I'll leave you with a poem I wrote last night:


I am weary and burdened
As I come into this place
But I'll wait and praise You
Longing to see Your face

I fall on my knees
I know You are near
You restore my life
And Your presence is here

So many times I cry to You
Having once again fallen astray
Each time You welcome me back
And slowly change me each day

And here on my knees
I know You are near
You return my hope
And Your presence is here

Discontent with this world
I turn to You who can satisfy
You are all I need
Your well never runs dry

As I cry out on my knees
I can know You are near
Come and fill me
For Your presence is here

For when we truly seek You
We will find You
You have many plans for us
If we'll only give in to You

When we're on our knees
We can know You will be near
You hear our cries
And Your presence is there


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Julia said...

Hey...glad to see your blog revived! =) Can't wait to read more.