Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ah, how I love silence now... Mom is taking Camila and Daniel to Dallas, they're on the road now. We're overdue for a social worker visit, because they're in Dallas it's harder to stay on schedule, so they'll be doing that while they're there. After that they plan on going to the children's museum there, and possibly stop by the store that sells Colombian food. All this adds up to one thing that is prominent in my mind-- Silence all day! Or rather, only the noises I choose to make. (Such as music and singing) Peter will be in and out, but that doesn't bother me.

Some time ago he and I reached a point where we came to an "understanding" on computers and stuff, I let him on this computer if he's around and I use another one, neither of us bother the other person, but sometimes make comments about stuff we think the other would enjoy. To put it plainly, spending a day at home, with Peter around, is something I consider ideal. I enjoy having him around, we rarely disagree, and the company but not company is relaxing. He's a great brother, even though we don't interact on a huge level I've recently been realizing how amazing and patient he is. How much he's been growing in the Lord, and just overall how great, thoughtful, and nice a brother he is.

Okay, I'm done bragging.

I was noticing the other day that at the beginning of the summer I wrote in my journal that if I had ballet four days a week in the afternoon I wouldn't do it. Because that would cut into time with friends, and I just didn't think that was worth it. Well, what am I doing now? Having ballet four times a week and more than half the time I can't see friends because of it. And am I annoyed and not wanting to go? Nope. I look forward to ballet, and the sacrifice is worth it. Over the summer I realized just how much I enjoyed it, and how enjoyable it could be when you start to improve. So yeah, my view on ballet has changed majorly in the past few months, isn't it funny how things like that happen?

Lately my toes keep getting stepped on, it's very painful, this morning it happened again and caused my toenail to start bleeding. <_< Although I go around barefoot or in flip-flops all the time, getting my feet stepped on is not common, though it does happen :P

Well, I'm off to work on my story I started in July.


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Cassie said...

Mary, just thought I'd let you know that I came and read your blog, in case you every get on it again :)